Bring a friend into Bulldog Baseball!

I’m interested in the Bulldogs, but I’ve heard that you’re very “competitive”….

You may have been asked this question by people interested in our program. As Bulldogs, we’ve always looked positively at our “competitive” spirit. It seems that others that have not participated in our program, have a somewhat skewed view of what our organization is about.

Our focus is on teaching the game and sportsmanship, which is evident from our coaching clinics and youth camps every year. We also strive for each family to have a positive and fun experience with Bulldog Baseball / Softball. We have many family events outside of baseball.

Tell them what BULLDOG BASEBALL is all about….

T-Ball – we not only don’t keep wins and losses, we don’t even keep score….we learn. Instructional League (ages 7-8) is just that, fundamental instruction. Batting orders are reversed and players learn multiple positions. All levels, including Mustang, Bronco and Pony play continuous batting orders. All players bat whether or not they are in the field that inning. There are minimum requirements for innings played in the field per game. Teams are chosen by their own manager and coaches; our goal is to have competitive balance in every league.

Bulldog Baseball believes in teaching and learning. Our Coaches clinic, also open to parents, gives “professional” instruction on teaching youth baseball. Optional baseball camps on hitting, fielding and pitching are also available.

Accelerated travel team levels for ages 9 thought 14 and All-Star Tournament teams for ages 7 through 14 are available for those capable and interested.

So the next time someone asks you about our “competitive” league….tell them what we are really about….we teach kids how to succeed at the game, and that’s when the kids have fun.

New players are welcome into the program at any age and skill level. We also encourage and welcome new additions to our ranks of managers and coaches.