Options for Choosing Youth Baseball Bats

Baseball is one of the most popular sports for children these days, and not surprisingly, since baseball can help hone the coordination abilities of a child, as well as nurture team spirit and encourage a healthy spirit of competition. As such, there are many options for choosing a baseball bat for your young one, and many, sometimes opposing opinions as to which is best.

What is very important in choosing any kind of bat for your child is comfort, so make sure that he or she can handle it well, without having to put extra effort in using it.
You should also try avoiding buying top of the line gear just to make sure, through spending more money, that the child will have an increased performance.

In fact, performance is achieved through hard work and dedication and thinking otherwise, and especially having expectations that your child will do better than the others just because he or she has the most expensive gear is ludicrous and unfounded.

The measurements of the bat must for one thing fit the child’s build and be suitable for him, weight and length wise, and for another, must abide by the regulations of the league he or she is playing in. In general, the maximum width of a baseball bat for youth leagues is 2.25 inches.
Youth baseball bats can be made from a series of materials, from wood to aluminum and all sorts of other alloys.

The most important thing for a youth baseball bat is, aside from its hardness, to be very light, because young players don’t have the force to handle extremely heavy bats.

At one point, the general rule for youth baseball bats was that the bat should be as light as possible, but more recent opinions say that making the bat overly light for a child can lead to performance issues in the future, and as such, these opinions state that a youth baseball bat should be sufficiently light so as to be easy to use, but not lighter.

The weight of a youth bat can vary between 18 ounces (for young kids of around 70 pounds) and 23 ounces (for kids with a stronger built and a weight of around 150 pounds) for the 11-12 year old youth league, and between 16 ounces (for kids weighing around 48 pounds) and 19 ounces (for kids up to 60 pounds) in the 8-10 year old youth league.

The length of a bat for youth leagues as usa youth baseball bats can range from 24-26” (for 7 year olds and above) and up to 32” (for 14 year olds). It’s not recommended to get a child a bigger bat than his or her build allows for because it can work against your goal. Not only will the child experience great difficulty in playing the game, but there is a great chance of him developing distaste for it and giving it up.

Be careful when buying a baseball bat for your child and only do so after careful consideration and after having the child try out the potential bat extensively, to make sure that it really is suitable for his or her needs.

Tips and Advice for Fastpitch Softball Pitching

Fastpitch softball pitching is a difficult thing to do. While the ball is thrown underhand, many fastpitch softball pitchers can still throw it extremely fast. The key to being a standout fastpitch softball pitcher is to throw off the expectation of the person with the fastpitch softball bats.

Fastpitch softball tournaments are pretty much all won or lost on home plate while the pitcher is in control. With the use of the tips shown below about pitching, there will be very few fastpitch bats that can hit a pitcher’s pitch.

The location of one’s pitch is a great place to start when it comes to improving one’s softball pitching. While the fastpitch softball tournaments will have a number of skilled batters that have seen many different pitches and different styles of pitcher, the location of the pitch will give the pitcher the best chance at a strike.

The strike zone runs from the top of the batters shoulders down to his or her knees. If a pitcher can consistently throw balls in this zone, and in different locations within this zone, the batter will be caught off-guard and be more likely to strike out or hit the ball poorly and pop out.

The first pitch for every batter should be a strike if at all possible as this will give the pitcher an advantage while the batter is the least prepared to swing at the ball as he or she is yet to see a pitch up close this at bat.

While attacking the strike zone one will need to have two different weapons in his or her pitching arsenal to ensure that the batter will be unable to hit the ball. The first weapon is speed.

One of the best ways to ensure that a pitcher throws the ball at a high enough velocity will be to make sure the pitcher starts his or her pitch with his or her hand at the twelve o’clock position, basically straight up.

Starting the pitch here, and then windmilling down, while making sure the elbow stays tight to the body, and following through until the hip, will help the pitcher to build the most momentum before releasing the ball around the hip area.

The second weapon that a pitcher will want to work on is ball movement. Ball movement is mostly driven by the spin put on the ball as it is released. The spin can be manipulated by the way that one holds the ball and the way that he or snaps the wrist at the end of the release.

Many of these techniques are extremely difficult to master but the payoff will be fantastic once a person can perform the pitches with accuracy.

If a pitcher can accurately place the ball where he or she wants within the strike zone while doing so at high velocity, and with ball movement, then that pitcher will be virtually unhittable.

As the pressure of the game is also known to make it difficult for even the best pitchers to maintain their composure, pitchers should also remember that when it comes to fastpitch softball pitching, the pitcher controls the game and not anyone else.

Easton and Rawlings Gloves for Softball or Baseball

Easton Batting Gloves

Whether you’re going to be playing softball or baseball, Easton has batting gloves for you. If you know anything about the sport, you know that Easton is an industry leader.

If you don’t know anything about baseball or softball, rest assured that Easton knows what they’re doing and have great styles of gloves in every size imaginable.

If you’re looking for something for practice, backyard baseball, or the big game, Easton gloves for batting should be on the top of your list. Good for amateur and pro players alike, this brand knows what it takes to make a great batting glove and therefore Easton glove belong top rated baseball gloves out there on the market.

Their new Stealth Speed batting glove is specially designed to be great if you’re a power hitter. They also have their terrific TurboSlot technology to give you a tighter grip and more strength when you’re batting.

This technology isn’t available on other batting gloves, making Easton a great choice. The SV12 is another design that is popular with players of all skill levels. There are many other great designs you can check out, depending on what your exact needs are.

With sizes for everyone and good for softball or baseball, Easton batting gloves can make sure you have the best available so that it shows when you’re playing the field.

Not every hit is going to be a homer, but with Easton batting gloves, your chances are increased just a little because of the better grip and support offered by the gloves.

Rawlings Baseball Gloves

The name Rawlings is synonymous with baseball. Everything you need for this sport can be purchased from this manufacturer. And, you can trust that their products are made with the highest quality standards in mind.
Case in point, Rawlings baseball gloves Pro Preferred.

They are called pro preferred for a reason, because they are the same type of glove used by many professional baseball players.

You should know that Rawlings baseball gloves pro preferred do not come cheap. One is going to cost you around $300. So this is not the glove to choose for Little League or Junior Varsity play.

Serious athletes who want to pursue a career in baseball should consider this high grade glove. It is appropriate for pitching, infield play and outfield play.

Take a look at the pro preferred series, which combines Kip and Bruciato premium leather for an unparalleled sophistication and comfort.

The glove is designed to provide flexibility in catching and is excellent when used professionally at the infield level. You really can’t beat these durable, functional baseball gloves from Rawlings.

Before even thinking of looking at Rawlings baseball gloves pro preferred line, take note that there is some care required when you purchase one of these. It will need to be prepared with Rawlings Glovolium, broken in then coated again with the same substance for maximum performance.

Glovolium works to soften, cleanse and protect your expensive baseball glove. It is petroleum free and can be used a few times a year for touch ups.

If you are serious about baseball and want a glove that will last a long time and offer optimum performance on the diamond, definitely consider the Rawlings baseball gloves pro preferred series. The price is well worth the fine quality of this sporting goods item.